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Medical Student Council Google Calendar

What is the wiki used for?

  • Creating a collaborative study tool
  • Sharing notes, answers to objectives, study guides, etc.
  • ... and anything else you can think of, YOU are in control of it
Resources from previous years will be added as they become available

Getting Started with the Wiki

  • Visit the Tutorial and FAQ created by last year's class
  • Check out the 'Other Links' on the left had side of this page. You will find a bunch of great resources you might not have known exist.
  • Contribute! If you sign up (it is really quick and easy to do so) you can edit these pages and make them more useful

Getting Started with Integrating Google into your UT Life

A comprehensive calendar for all UTCOM classes and extracurricular activities

  • Keeping track of all of the med school classes AND especially the extracurricular activities is difficult. The main reasons for this are that the extracurricular activities is that the current calendar is inconvenient and it does not contain a comprehensive view of the student’s schedule
  • Therefore, a Google Calendar was created that allows students to view their class schedule as well as their extracurricular activities in the same place
  • What are the benefits of a comprehensive calendar with events and classes?
    * Group leaders will be able to easily see when students are having their tests and so they will know when not to schedule a meeting
    * Students won't have to search through tons of emails to figure out the time of their next meeting
  • Why should we use Google Calendar?
    * You can view many calendars (different lists of events) all in one place. This means that you can view the times of your classes, extracurricular activities, and things going on in your personal life all at the same time
    * You can overlay a personal calendar to add their own events and appointments
    * You can easily access the calendar anywhere, including iPhones and partially Outlook
    * It is fully integrated with Gmail, the email service that most students use
  • Check it out and add it to your own Google Calendar!