Surgery Clerkship

Book / Study Resource Advice

  • NMS Surgery Casebook. - Essential
  • Pestana notes - part of the Kaplan prep. Other people have copies floating around.
  • Free knot-tying kit
  • Surgical Recall - good for pimping, not as much for shelf.
  • Step-Up to Medicine - Helpful to read the electrolytes and GI chapters.
  • First Aid for the Surgery Clerkship - Not recommended. Scope is too broad. Might be helpful for the wards but not helpful for the shelf.

NBME Shelf Exam

  • See the General Information on NBME Shelf exams for content outlines and official practice questions.
  • A better name for this shelf would be "the medical management of surgical patients"! It's largely medical. Many "next step in management" questions, and many "most likely" diagnoses. More specifically - there are few, if any, questions about surgical technique or operative steps.
  • Know when NOT to take the patient to the OR
  • Use the following study cocktail:
    • NMS Surgery Casebook (2x if possible)
    • Pestana notes
    • Step Up to Medicine: Eletrolytes and GI chapters
    • USMLE World surgery questions (and GI, if you have time). High yield, but relatively narrow scope of questions for the shelf.
    • USMLEasy surgery questions. Fairly high yield, and great scope (unfortunately, some questions are worthless).

Site Pro-tips

Study Guides

Rules of General Surgery (Dr. O's version)

  1. Sleep when you can.
  2. Eat when you must
  3. Don't f*ck with the pancreas.
  4. Don't dip your pen in company ink.