Pediatrics / Obstetrics Gynecology Clerkships

Book / Study resource advice

  • Beckman Obstetrics & Gynecology is what they recommend now, but honestly I think Blueprints: Obstetrics & Gynecology is just fine as long as you make sure to do case files too, which you should definitely do anyway.
  • High Yield OB/Gyn: Excellent, and shorter than the other OB review books.
  • Case Files Pediatrics
  • Case Files Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • Kaplan Notes for Ob/Gyn are fantastic. Not really as good for Peds.
  • Qbanks
    • uWISE - DO THESE QUESTIONS. These questions most closely resemble the kind of vignette you will see on the shelf exam. Longgg question stems. A login is required; ask Dr. Ali for it if the clerkship director doesn't provide it.
    • USMLE World/Kaplan is great
    • USMLEasy is a good qbank - it is just an online version of the PreTest series which UT has purchased through access medicine.

Shelf (NBME) Exam

  • See the General Information on NBME Shelf exams for content outlines and official practice questions.
  • 100 questions, 2.5 hours. Time will be a factor.
  • The question stems in shelf exams are LONG. Longer than you are probably used to. Much longer than UTCOM exams or Step 1. The ob/gyn shelf exam has particularly long/complex question stems; I know several very accomplished students who were actually unable to answer all the questions. So go fast!
  • Quite a few "next step in management" questions
  • Know surgical staging and how it affects treatment (surgery vs. just chemo)
  • Know that appecdicitis is still the most common surgical emergency in pregnant women -- and that it presents with Right Upper Quadrant tenderness because the uterus has pushed the appendix up into this quadrant.

Other Resources

Peds Site Advice

Ob/Gyn Site Advice: Toledo Hospital

    • 5 Things to ask a pregnant woman
      1. Fetal movement
      2. Contractions
      3. Loss of fluid
      4. Bleeding/discharge
      5. Headache, vision changes
    • Patient cards
      • RhoGAM, blood type, Rubella status, HSV, GBS, any other PMH, time of epidural
      • H + P
        • OB History - explain each pregnancy type of delivery, baby weight, complications (pre + post)
        • Breast exam - defer, Neuro - very short, Pelvic - defer, membranes - status
    • Postpartum inpatient
      • Lochia (bleeding post-delivery - about a period or less)
      • Anemia symptoms
      • Ambulation
      • Nausea / vomiting / diarrhea
      • Bowel movements, flatulence
      • PO diet
      • Birth control (CHS patients only)
      • Breast feeding
      • Baby
      • Pain (+ what meds)
      • Incision: feel for uterus
      • Check BP, fevers, CBC
        • Note Tmax and Tcurrent if fever
      • DVT symptoms
    • Postpartum 4-6 week follow-up (outpatient)
      • Sleeping
      • Baby
      • Nursing (or bottle)
      • Bleeding
      • Birth control
      • Mood
      • Pelvic rest: 6 weeks
      • Pap smears

Study Guides