Internal Medicine

  • Books

    • Step Up to Medicine - The best resource for the shelf. Focus on cardio, pulmonary, GI.
    • Case Files: Internal Medicine - Not as essential as in Ob/Peds, but still a good resource.
    • NMS Casebook: Internal Medicine - 700 pages, but if you can skim it, the algorithms and flowcharts are really nice.
    • Essentials for the Internal Medicine Clerkship 2
  • Question Banks

    • USMLE World - Really try to do all of these. Start early, because there are ~ 1,400 IM questions.
    • MKSAP - These are really good questions and cover things that USMLE World doesn't.
    • Kaplan - These questions are harder than the shelf, but get you to think. There are ~ 1,000 IM questions.