Histology Help from Second Years

Here you will find the histology powerpoint presentations from years past. They should match pretty closely with the order and content that Dr. Crissman follows in class. I strongly reccomend that you attend the labs, download and svae these files, and take notes directly on them. You can either print them out and write directly on the page, or type into the notes section of the slide viewer in powerpoint. It can be very frustrating to follow along with Dr. Crissman during the lab sections, but you need to remember that the histology slides will make up a decent amount of the questions (20-25, if last year is a judge) on the exams, which can be (almost) easy points if you take the time to go through the slides. Also, Dr. Crissman seems rather dificult to deal with sometimes in class, but he is actually a pretty incredible resource. If you are still having problems with histology, definitely set up an appointment to meet with him. He will run through the slides with you, and help you to understand the important features of each slide. Also, most of us in the second year class are pretty approachable, so if you need something, just ask one of us.
Have fun, and good luck studying,
Your friendly second years.

You will be directed to a new page. Just find the "Download File" link
Bone Development
Cartilage and Bone Tissue
Connective Tissue
Epithelial Tissue
Muscle and Nerve Tissue (unlabeled)
Muscle and Nerve Tissue (labeled)

-Courtesy of Abbey

Here is another link to the same PowerPoints - Click Here

Notes and Study Guides from Years Past

Stuff from Block 1 2007
Here you will find:

Stuff from Pat - Block 1 2006
Here you will find:

Stuff from Block 1 2005
Here you will find:

Quizlet Study Help

Quizlet is a site that allows you to input a term and a definition or the like to create digital flashcards, which you can learn and test yourself through fill in the blank, multiple choice, and true/false. It should prove to be very useful in preparing for the multiple choice tests that we have.

To join and contribute, you first have to visit quizlet.com and create a profile. Then follow the link below to join the group. We will be monitoring contribution because some people are putting in a lot of effort and would like the workload to be shared, so if you don't contribute over time, we will ask you to do so, and if you still don't, we may remove you from the group.

The password to join is '2012.' Thanks all and happy studies

- Kjunior826